Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer Family Reunions

This summer we had both the Beckstrand and Shelton reunions. The Beckstrand reunion was held in Pine Valley (one of my favorite places). We went camping (one of my favorite things to do). Because Sophie and I had Annie on Monday and Wednesday we weren't able to sleep over the first day, so Joel had the kids by himself. He did such a great job and no one got hurt. We went to the reservoir, went fishing, played volleyball and horseshoes, dutch ovened and played with cousins. Ben ended up catching 5 fish. It was so much fun.

Then we had the Shelton reunion in California. Sophie and I couldn't go because of the play so Joel took Shayne and the three boys by himself. I was a little worried but knew that Shayne would fill in for whatever Joel didn't know how to do. They spent the first 3 days camping and surfing and having a ball! They got reacquainted with the Lucero cousins that they hadn't seen for a couple years and had so much fun. Then they went to Legoland the next day and SeaWorld the next. Joel took about 200 pictures. Josh said the funnest part was seeing the red Ferrari that pulled up next to them at a stop light. Joel did an AMAZING job this summer with the kids. They made memories that will last forever!

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