Friday, February 11, 2011

Ben's 7th Birthday!

Well Thursday went much better than Wednesday! Ben got up and was feeling fine. He opened a few presents and got ready for school. It was my day to tend JoEllen's kids because she was in charge of a fundraiser and wasn't going to be around. So, I had Matty and Evan from 11 to 4 and then we took Matty home to Kyle, picked up Emily and George and went to meet Jan and Andy at Pirate Island Pizza. That is the perfect place to take kids. I love it. They can run around and have fun and be loud and no one cares because that's why everyone else was there. We had a Kracken Pizza which is HUGE and then opened more presents and had cupcakes. The kids all got tokens and went to the arcade to win prizes. It was a lot of fun and very needed. I am so grateful for my family who loves supports us. They are amazing. It will definitely be a birthday and day before birthday that we'll never forget.

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