Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy Weekend

This Saturday was a busy one! We started out helping Kyle and JoEllen man an aide station for the Washington City Dogtown Half Marathon. It was a cold as wet morning and I thought it would be a perfect day to sell PVHS blankets. So I took Sophie (Shayne was at a Stake Youth Girls Camp sleepover) out to the Starting/Finish line at the park and set up a canopy and a little booth for her to sell them. Then I went home, grabbed the boys and went out to our aide station. We froze. We all had gloves and beanies on. But we had fun. There were around 300 runners and I was glad I wasn't one of them. Burke was and he also had 4 of his teachers running as well. The boys were excited to see him run. He does the marathon every year too.

As the runners came towards us we yelled out "water, water" so they knew what we were holding. The best part was listening to David say, "Wadda? Wadda?" It was so cute. After the last runner came by I ran back up to see how my awesome Sophie was doing and she was soaked and cold and didn't sell a single blanket. I wish I knew the secret to selling these wonderful things. I can't get rid of them. I have 10 boxes in my room, 4 in the little boys room and 5 more in the hall! There is a soccer meet this Friday so I hope that someone there needs a blanket or two to wrap up in.

Then later that night we went to Sophie's play. Seussical! She is a Tiger. If you've never seen it then it's hard to explain. But Miss Houghtaling is an amazing teacher. She has 100 students either in the play or behind the scenes being techies. Sophie loves being on stage. And we love watching her. Jan and Andy came to support her and JoEllen and Kyle are taking there kids next week. "Break a leg, Sophie!"

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