Monday, March 7, 2011

Another busy Saturday!

Saturday started off with me teaching Shayne how to throw the discus. She is doing track this year and they do not have a coach for any of the throwing events so I am helping her out. We practiced for and hour and a half and then I dropped her off at home because she had Preference and their Day Date started at 9. I picked up the boys and Sophie and went to the Lake 2 Lake relay that Joel, Mike, John, Brian and James were doing. Kristal and Debra also ran on an all girls team and Kyle was on a mixed men and women's team. The Lake 2 Lake Relay goes from Gunlock Reservoir to Sand Hollow Reservoir. A little over 50 miles. There are 10 different legs averaging 5 miles each. Each teammate must do 2 legs. They can do them back to back or separate them. They started at 8am and 7 hours and 8 minutes later they finished. They placed 9th in the all men team category. It was amazing! I wish I could have followed them around all day to watch every leg but Sophie, Josh and Ben all had soccer games. So we went to Ivins park at 9:30 to see John hand off to Joel and Kyle hand off to his partner and then went down to the Santa Clara baseball fields to see Joel come in and hand off to Brian. Then I took the kids and hurried as fast as I could, without getting a ticket, down to soccer. Sophie and Ben's games where both at 11. I dropped them off and ran home to get them water bottles. Then we went to Sophie's game until half time and then ran down to see the last half of Ben's. Ben lost, Sophie won. Then we got back in the van and sped down to the race where Mike was running up to River Road to hand off to Joel. Shayne and her group where there eating lunch so they could see some of it and as Grandpa came running by Shayne started to run with him. He only had 100 feet left to go and looked like he could use some company. It was amazing to see all the support. Not only where there all of us Beckstrands wearing our Family t-shirts but all of the other teams were cheering everyone on. I drove up the road about a mile to cheer Joel as he passed us. Then went to the end of his leg to see him pass of to John. Then off to Josh's soccer game we went. He lost. But did a great job. I fixed it so that George could be on his team this year so it's really fun to see them practice and play together. By the time Josh's game was over the Beckstrand Men had finished. They were happy and exhausted.

Just when you thought I was hour later I started doing Shayne's hair for the dance. I was just starting when Sophie asked me if I picked up the boutonniere. YIKES!!!! When was I supposed to do that? In between the soccer games!?! So I hurried and called my amazing sister Jan and she ran down to the store, bought everything she needed and came back to our house to make a gorgeous boutonniere. Thank goodness for family. I can always count on the help whenever I need it. A half an hour later Joel and I went to the Lake 2 Lake Banquet. It was a nice pasta dinner and slide show of the race with prizes for the top ten teams. Because of it and the fact that Preference was girls choice I wasn't able to get any pictures of Shayne and Jordan on there date. I know, crazy huh? I am hoping to get some from Jordan's Mom and I will post them as soon as I get them. Shayne had on a gorgeous long red dress that once again belongs to her aunt Ashley. Thanks, Ash! We love you! Overall, it was a great day and the weather was gorgeous! A perfect day to spend doing things you love with people you love.


Greg and Mel said...

so fun!! I love seeing pictures of the family! James' running outfit is pretty rad!! :)

Dan and Katie said...

How fun!! I just about got up the guts to run that. Maybe next year........hey you could do it too!!