Monday, March 14, 2011

Shayne's 1st Track Meet


I have been waiting for this day for a long time. My sport in high school was track and field. I ran the 100, 200, 4x100 and threw the discus and shot put. I was never any good at the shot put but it was fun. As for the discus well, I rocked throwing the discus and last I checked our 4x100 relay team still holds the Lehi High School record. So, when Shayne said she was going to swim I was glad for her but sad for me. But things changed when we were looking at colleges and they asked her how high her vertical jump was and she was told that they would run her to death. Well, Shayne doesn't run and has never tried to do long jump or high jump so off to track she went. She started a week late because of swimming so she was behind but decided to try long jump, discus and sprinting. Her first track meet was the Desert Hills Invitational where there were all the schools from Delta on down. It was a big meet. Shayne started off with discus and since PV doesn't really have a throwing coach I have been teaching her. So, she got up and threw 67' the first time and 75' the second time and 71' the 3rd. I was really proud of how great she had done. It was her first meet after one week of training and her throws were just from the standing position not from a spin. So I was very impressed. Now if we can get that spin down she'll qualify for state (100'). Then Shayne ran over to run the 100 and a week or so ago she pulled a muscle in her thigh and 3/4 the way through her race she pulled it again. She wasn't very happy but she put ice on it and scratched out of the long jump and 200 and called it a day to go home and wrap it. She did a great job and should be very proud of herself. I love going to track meets! It's spring, the days are gorgeous and you get to relax and enjoy spending time with friends. They are much like swim meets - wait around until your turn, swim for 20 seconds and then wait for another hour to swim your next event, but track is outside where you can breathe fresh air. Much better.

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