Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break - Vegas Trip

Spring break started today. No school until the 22nd! So, JoEllen, Emily, Me, Shayne, Sophie and our friend Kellie and her daughter Katelyn all went to Vegas for a girls day out and to celebrate Emily's 8th birthday! First things first we went to eat at Circus Circus. Stuffed out selves silly and then went to Build-A-Bear (Emily and Sophie's favorite store) to stuff some animals. We looked ridiculous when we left the store. But we all had so much fun in there. The girls spent an hour trying on different outfits. Shayne wanted to buy a missionary outfit for her bear, Dimples, but they didn't have them in Vegas. Weird that they only have them in Provo?! We were quite a sight walking down the mall. Next we were going to go to the Sky Zone Trampoline Park. It's a huge building full of trampolines that are connected to each other so you can literately jump off the walls. But, JoEllen for got to see when they were open and for some strange reason they aren't open on Mondays. So we went to Mandalay Bay Shark Reef instead. It was awesome. We all got to pet the stingrays and see the sharks, turtles and they even had this thing like a sword fish but it was as big as the sharks and had a saw instead of a sword (sawfish). It was crazy. After, Emily wanted to go to the M&M factory and to watch the Bellagio Fountain but it was getting late and we didn't want JoEllen driving through the gorge while it was dark. So we headed home. It was an incredible day, 75 degrees and sunny. What a way to start off Spring Break!

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