Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break Day 6

Saturday! Pecks are back!

Austin's team didn't win every game in Mesquite so they didn't continue into the finals but they were there to cheer Jaxon on. His first game started at 11am. So off we went. They were at the Little Valley baseball fields and when we got there we found Bob Lucero there cheering on Cinco (his son Phillip). So we had a great time going back and forth to watch both boys play amazing games that they both won. Jaxon is the catcher of his team and also a picture. Cinco is outfield and a picture of his team. They both did such a great job. But when it came to game 2 of the day they both came just short of winning. It was game #8 in 3 days. they should be very proud of themselves.

In this picture it goes Bob, Sam, Heather, Chase and Uncle Ken. Then in front is Sam's daughter Kennedy and Heather's daughter Jordyn. Bob's family was out running errands when we took this picture. Karen, Anna, Cinco and Sam were all heading to Disneyland right after the games so they were getting ready. What a fun week for them.

The good lookin kid with the silly grin is Austin.

It was really fun to spend time with family. This summer we have a family reunion up in American Fork Canyon with all the Pecks and Luceros. My side of the family only has a reunion every other year and it makes it possible for everyone to come. We are so excited to go. Everyone should be there. Even Chase our missionary will be there.

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