Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break Day 2

Tuesday Shayne, Sophie, Kyson, Cameron Croft and I all went to the temple. Jennifer had some family names that needed to be done and we love to do them. Doing Baptisms for the Dead is a big deal for our family. We do not take it lightly and we make sure that we are worthy and ready to go at any time. We started out with doing them for Shayne's 12th birthday. It was a real eye opener to her when she was passing out invitations that not all of her friends could go. One friend asked her how she could go to the temple and she told her that she needed to get baptized first and her friend asked how. So, it has always been a special thing for us.

I take after my Mom when it comes to temple work. She says, "every person you help in the Temple will be there waiting for you when you die and will be on your side cheering you on and convincing the Lord how wonderful you are which is great because I'll need all the help I can get!" I feel the same way so I go as often as possible. After the Temple we went to lunch at Iceberg and then went to KMART to buy a Ping Pong table with our tax return. When we got home we found out that our neighbor kid had broken out window trying to get into our house. It was sad really because his family is not active and we have been trying to be super nice to them and I was nervous to have to go tattle on their son. They were great about it and a new window should be here soon. The ping pong table is a huge hit. Especially with the neighbors kids. That might have been a mistake.

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