Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of the Last Year

Back to School!!! Today was Shayne's first day of her last year. I've been dreading this day for 18 years. Her Student Body Pres. told them they had to wear their Student Council t-shirt the first day of school. Shayne was not happy. Why buy cute back to school clothes if you can't wear them the first day? So she wore her super high hot pink heels with hot pink ear rings. It was awesome! All of her guy friends were surprised. Shayne is known for always having the coolest lunchbox. This year is a holographic Mario Kart. It rocks! She said it was a great first day.

Sophie started at Pine View Middle (8th) and also had a great day. She found all of her classes and all her friends.

Josh started at Fossil Ridge Intermediate (6th) and didn't get lost. That school is huge and his classes are so far away from each other. They don't have lockers and only have 3 minutes between classes. He'll have a great time once he gets use to it. He and Alex ride the bus together and are each others support group. They even bought the same shoes without knowing. They call them their Pine View Shoes because of the colors. It was funny.

Ben is in 2nd grade at Washington Elementary. He has 2 teachers. Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Baker. When he told me who he had I though it was one person: Woodenbaker. One teaches in the morning and the other in the sfternoon. They've been tag team teaching for a couple years now and are fabulous.

David is in Kindergarten and has Mrs. Shelley. She is the head Kindergarten teacher and is amazing. It'll be a great year!

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