Sunday, August 14, 2011

This was the last time we could go before school starts. My kids and I and Zack, Madi and Enrique all went down to the river to go skimboarding.

It was Enrique's first time and he did a good job and gave it his best try. David did surprisingly well. I guess that's what happens when you have no fear. He had a hard time throwing it because it weighed as much as he did. But, he could jump on and ride it further than the older kids.

It was fun to watch. I'm more of a picture taker of activities than an actual doer. Skimboarding is fun but it always turns into a mud fight and then a trip down stream to the waterfall. I think this was Ben and David's first time under and through it.

We met up with Nick who had almost cut his finger off at work the day before so we didn't think he'd come. They all had a great time relaxing in the river.

It was a lot of fun and a good way to ring in the new school year. Tomorrow we start. My heart is both happy and sad. Happy for David and Sad for Shayne. For some reason I can't even think about this being Shayne's last year without crying. In fact, ever since her stay in the hospital I've struggled with holding back tears when I think of her at all. She is an amazing person with a huge future ahead of her to do whatever she wants. I think I'm mostly scared of what is in store for her. The trials of this swim season mostly. I just want her to be happy and I know she will. She is always so upbeat and brings everyone else up. She is on Exec Council this year and has already enjoyed it with all the prep to get ready for school to start. This school years blogs will be with a happy but heavy heart knowing it'll be her last. I can see that this blog took a different turn than started. I guess I'd better make the most of what time I have left with Shayne. Cherish your kids because they grow up and leave you.


Greg and Mel said...

I can't believe this is Shayne's last year either, she has grown up so fast! I haven't "hung out" with her since she was a little girl, but from what I have seen on facebook and heard, she is an amazing girl. She has so much strength and she is so faithful. I can tell she is a great example to everyone around her (including me!) I know part of that is because you are such wonderful parents to her! I will always love Shayne and your family, here is to a wonderful school year! :)


Sarah Miller said...

Ok, you make me want to cry thinking of Shayne too! Your love for your kids shows and makes me want to strive for a better relationship with my kids and to teach them to be wonderful examples, just like your kids! You've done a wonderful job as a mom....please tell me your secret! :)