Monday, August 13, 2012

Braces - Kid #3

Let me give you a little history on Ben and his teeth.  At age 2 he had an extra G tooth (the tooth right next to the front tooth on the right side) that came in right beside the other G tooth that had to be removed.  EXTRA!  At age 5 he noticed that he had all these patches if "dirt" in his mouth and he was trying to get rid of them.  Well they were FILLINGS!!!!  He had taken out 3 of his 5 fillings and the other 2 were loose. Poor Ben had inherited my weak teeth.  He was 5 years old and already had 5 fillings. Just at that time Mason was starting up his dentistry and we were in there twice a week for a month.  Ben had pulpectomies (baby tooth root canals) in the 3 teeth that he had taken the fillings out of.  Now fast forward to today:

 When Ben smiles he looks just like Goofy.  He has these 2 big front teeth and nothing else.  The teeth next to it look gone and you can't see the other teeth because they are molars.  But if you raise up his top lip you can find his to G teeth.  When he went to Mason 2 weeks ago he had one of his baby H tooth pulled.  If you look carefully you can see an adult H already coming in.  Good right?  WRONG!

What you are looking at is full digital x-ray of Ben's mouth. The bottom are fine.  A little crowded but not a problem.  The problem is the train wreck on top.  Now take a real good look at the right side.  You can even click on the picture to make it bigger.  He's got his G teeth pointing outward becuase the H teeth that are still under the gums are pushing on them.  But that isn't the biggest problem.  The biggest problem is the EXTRA permanent H tooth on the right side!  FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!  He goes back to Mason tomorrow to get it and the baby tooth on the other side pulled.  Then he gets his braces on on Friday.  If we are lucky the teeth will straighten up and come down on their own.  If not then chains will have to be put on those 2 huge canines to pull them down. Fun huh?  I will post updates as we go.  Pray for us!
p.s. Mason Wells is the best Dentist in the WORLD!  If you need one go to him.  Your kids will love him.

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JoEllen said...

so sorry Ben! not only does he have to endure it all but he has to have his picture taken and posted on the internet....poor kid!