Friday, August 10, 2012

Wells Family Cabin - Our 2nd favorite place to be.

Disneyland would be our first but we only get there every 6 years.  We get to the cabin at least twice a summer and we LOVE it.  It's so incredibly peaceful.  No cell phone service but they do have a land line which give us peace of mind when we left Sophie and Shayne behind to go to a swim meet in Cedar.  One of the highlights is the golf cart.  They go crazy driving that thing all over.

And the hummingbirds go crazy over JoEllen and Kyle feeders.  I don't know what they put in there besides water,sugar and food coloring but they birds fight over it.


That night we made s'mores with the giant mallows.  They are awesome!

Then we slept over.  The little kids all up in the loft and George and Josh on the porch.  Josh loves to sleep out under the stars so this was great for him.

The next morning we hiked up to the water towers.  It's been years since we had been up there and it was under construction.  They have cleared a way for an actual road and poured a landing for a new tower behind the old 2.  But Kyle, George, Emily and Ben still climbed the tower and here's a picture of George jumping from one to the other.

 This is a picture of 1 of three of the tipi's that the construction workers must have made while on their lunch break with the dead tree limbs when they were clearing a path for the road.

 Next came the best thing ever!  There is a runoff pipe at the base of the towers that just goes 40 feet and out the other side of the road into a little stream.  David had thrown a stick down it to see if it would come out the other side and when it didn't they wanted to see why.

Then Evan came over and I dared him to crawl through the pipe.

 Then one thing lead to another and this is what ensued...see the feet sticking out of the pipe?

One after another they crawled through.

I don't know what was funner...crawling through or looking through to watch someone crawl.


Then the craziest thing happened...Kyle decided to try.  Half way through he faked to have claustrophobia and wanted to get out.  It was a tight squeeze but it was so fun.  And the kids LOVED it!


Matty wanted to go too but she decided that just picking up dirt was fun enough.
It was another weekend memory never to be forgotten and I'm sure it'll be a new tradition as long as they don't dig up the pipe.  Another great Cousin experience!

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JoEllen said...

thanks for posting these, I finally posted mine from this weekend. That last picture of Matty is so so cute.