Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lake 2 Lakers Strike Back!

The Lake 2 Lake Relay came around again and this year they almost didn't sign up for it because John and Joel were right in the middle if their training for the Ironman but Brian and Dad wanted to run so they signed up.  About a week before the race, dad found out that he had prostate cancer and couldn't run in the relay.  So Joel asked Daniel Cluff to fill in.  He was able to run Dad's legs without any problem.  It started off with Daniel

 and then he handed off to John

 who handed off to Joel

who handed off to Brian seen here at the Snow Canyon Baseball Park.

Brain ran it to James

who ran it Daniel who
handed it off to Joel.

Joel handed off to Brian who took it down 3rd east to the Dam Road  

Then went through the back dirt road to give it to James who went up the HUGE hill and over to Sand Hollow where he handed off to John to finish the race.

Last year they came in 16th.  This year they came in 9th dropping something like 45 minutes.  They all had a great time. This is a wonderful race that has become a fun family tradition.

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