Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's that time of year again. Bring on the band!

School is fully underway and the march of the marching bands has begun.  The first parade of the season is always the Rodeo parade.  Sophie was in full PVHS uniform.  New ones I might add.  Luckily we had Shaynes old marching shoes that fit perfectly so we didn't need to buy any.  Josh marched for PVMS.  2nd generation on both accounts.  Pretty fun!  The Middle school has a new teacher because Mr. Martin who we loved, retired after 37 years of teaching.  He was one of the great ones.  He loved his job and loved the kids.  Anyway, with a new teacher come new shirts so the Middle school outfits are new as well.  Sophie is also in the Pep Band.  I know.  Bunch of band geeks huh?  I agree but, they are the BEST kids ever.  I'd take band geeks over any other kind of kid.  Except maybe swimmers.  They are in a different class by themselves.  In fact, a LOT of the swimmers where in band.  Hahaha! 
Sorry, I digress.  It is tradition for us to cheer as loud as we possibly can for whomever is marching and totally embarrass them. I ALWAYS walk along side for a minute or two to take pictures and make sure that we have documentation of the entire scene.  Ah the joy of being the Mom.  Payback.  It's always fun. 

 Pine View High School Marching Band!
 Pine View Middle School Marching Band!

This is Damien.  He lives across the street.  He and his brother Shane are very gifted when it comes to music.  They both play many different instruments.

I am so glad that my kids love to play musical instruments.  Ben wants to play the trumpet and we have one here waiting for him.  Sophie is also playing in the pit for the play that the high school is doing.  They are doing the King and I this fall and they are already in full practice.  That is a new thing for us.  Usually Sophie is in the play not behind the scenes.  I'm sure it'll be great.

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