Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sophie's 17th Birthday!

It's a;ways been a tradition in our family to open birthday presents first thing in the morning so you can play with them all day long.  So here is our beautiful Sophia on her 17th birthday right after she just woke up.  She got some cute new clothes.

 Some fun things to play with.

 A cute Minnie Mouse blouse and darling Mickey Mouse skirt.
 Shayne got her this shirt.  It relates to the book series that she just finished.  She was super happy about it.
 And then she got GOGGLES!  I caught this picture as she was just about to sneeze.  It's awesome huh?
This is all we did for her birthday because she shares her birthday with her current boyfriend Adam Clarkson and he had a super fun date planned for them that night with their friends.  I guess we'll take what we can get.
Happy Birthday Sophie!  We love you!!!!

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