Saturday, January 24, 2009

My daughter Rocks and the Spectrum Newspaper didn't even write anything!!!!

I am upset, nay ticked, today by the lack of information on the Region 9 High School Swim Team coverage! Region 9 includes both 3A and 4A schools which is a mistake to begin with. But, when records where broken (by my daughter) then the world needs to know about them! The Spectrum Newspaper had the smallest article written yet this season and all but 1 paragraph of it was about how the the "great" Cedar High was finally knocked off their pedestal. Which I loved, but what about the kids from Desert Hills that did it?
They never mentioned one kid by name. The kids worked there butts off all season and not a word was said. Many kids qualified for state and not a word was said. Records where broken and not a word was said! The one paragraph that mentioned 4A only talked about the Buelter brothers from Snow Canyon who the reporter loves and trains and that we all know dominate the sport. But, what about the other kids!!!!!! This is the only meet that the kids get individual recognition. The rest of the season it is a team effort. No gold, silver or bronzes just points to see which team wins. At region and State the kids are actually given medals to show what they've been working on all season.
I know many kids that got all gold and not a word was mentioned. Shayne got 2 silver for her medley relay team and for her 200 freestyle. And two golds for her 500 freestyle, and her 400 Freestyle relay team which knocked 6 seconds off of the Pine View High School record! 6 seconds is an eternity! Their time was a 3:56.08. That means each girl swam down and back and down and back in less than one minute each. That is AMAZING! And not a word was said about it.
That totally bites! Of course I love my daughter and wish that she could always have an article written about her but to not mention at least some of the kids that did an exceptional job was a huge mistake. I feel bad for those kids that were left out. Every article written with a kids name on it gets sent to whichever colleges they are pursuing and every bit helps. To not have your name written in the Region article is sad and I feel that they did these kids a disservice. I would love to kick some butt about it but if I do then I can guarantee that I will never see Shayne's name in the paper again and I would never do that to her. I am glad that I have a blog to vent in.


Spencer said...

Congratulations - sounds like it has been an awesome season.

Gough Clan said...

Tell Shayne we love her.
Oh and thank you for your comforting throwing-up story. I feel much better.

Gough Clan said...

This is Dustin speaking now.
Penny, I realize that swimming is not such a dominant sport here in Southern Utah and for that matter globally. Take comfort in the fact that soccer is the same way. It wasn't covered ever growing up and lots of students were left out of articles. The only advice I could give you is to write an article yourself and give it to the newspaper. That is the only way you will ever see anyones individual name in the paper. I have seen it done before and usually they accept them with much appreciation because they don't have a lot of reporters or photographers.
This is speaking from a coaches point of view, a family point of view, and as a journalist point of view.

Greg and Mel said...

Shayne is doing so well, I wish they would recognize swimming more!! This is Mel by the way, if you didn't know :)