Wednesday, October 14, 2009

16! You're how old?

Shayne turned 16 on Sunday the 11th. 16! What the heck? Where have I been because I just remember having her. She wanted to have a big party so I told her to invite whom ever she wanted and they could come here to eat pizza and junk and play games and whatever. Well, she invited the entire High School Swim Team as well as 16 kids from school and 6 ward members. WOW! So I figured there would be around 30 kids. Mostly boys. I was close. 22 kids and 13 of them where indeed boys. She didn't tell a lot of them that it was a birthday party. Just a party. But I was surprised at how many boys brought her presents. She hangs out with a good group of kids of which only 1/2 is LDS.

We gave her a car for her birthday. Yes, I know. It's cliche' but it was a hand me down that we couldn't pass up. Jillyn had bought a new car and sold us her old one. I remember having a car when I was 16. It was a Vette! A chevette. In fact everyone in my high school remembers that old car. It was a classic! We thought about buying Brian's scooter for her but Joel wanted her to have something safer. This from a man who rides a ninja 1100. We had Kellie make a Vinyl window cling that says Pine View Swim Team with a paw print and we put it on her back windsheild to make it unique and all Shayne. She loves it. She has 1 more day with the Drivers Ed teacher because he got sick last week. (Side note - Everyone is sick. Everyone everywhere.) So, she will get her license this week. She is a great driver. Much better than I was at that age but the Vette was a stick shift and they are harder to drive.


R Clan said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe she is 16. You certainly aren't old enough to have a 16 year old.

Greg and Mel said...

I'm so having a panic attack! How is Shayne 16!!!! I'm glad she had a good birthday! Love ya Shayne!