Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Temple Hopping

Every year for Shayne's birthday, since she was 12, we've gone to do baptisms for the dead for her birthday party. This year she wanted to take a group of kids to the Vegas Temple. I agreed and we called to see what time they had open and they didn't. So, she had a regular party and this weekend I took my kids up north so we could do some baptisms up there. We almost didn't go because Sophie and I had our last show of ANNIE. YAHOO!!! And Shayne had to come home early to get her Drivers License but I called anyway to see if we could get in anywhere and the Jordan River Temple said "come at 11:30".

Then the Oquirrh Mountain Temple said, "Oh yes, please come. We have a lady coming at 2:30pm to do 200 family names that needs help."

And then Timpanogos Temple said, "no problem we can get you in at 5:30."

So thinking that here it takes 1 hour to do baptisms I figured we'd have plenty of time between temples. We didn't. I drove as fast as I could without getting pulled over from Temple to Temple. It was amazing. The Jordan and Oquirrh let me do baptisms with the girls (Shayne, Ashley, Bradie and Katie) and Timp told me to go upstairs and do something else. So, I did. At 7pm we left the Timp Temple with a total of 180 baptisms, 150 confirmation and 5 initiatory done for the day. Not a bad day I'd say. I'm very proud of Shayne and my nieces for being so dedicated. We had a lot of fun. Next time we are going to hit the Provo, Draper and SLC Temples. We'd like to do all of the ones in Utah but the Lord is building them faster than we can get to them. AWESOME!!!


katie said...

AWESOME!!! That is really cool. miss you all.

It's all Good- The Allen Fam said...

What a fun thing to do...great tradition and memories. I would love to do that.