Friday, October 23, 2009

Ben's school picture

The week before school started I gave Josh and Joel haircuts and trimmed up Shayne and Sophie's hair. I did not cut Ben or David's because they both have this gorgeous wave in there hair and it looks so cute a little longer. Well, I guess Ben wasn't too happy that he didn't get a haircut so he took the scissors to his own hair and cut 6 big holes in the front of his hair. They were so close to his head that I had no other choice but to BUZZ his head. So, I did and he has the biggest, roundest head of any kid I know. With his hair so light he looked completely bald. He went to school looking like a kid that has had Chemo! Luckily school pictures were 3 weeks later and his hair actually looked like hair. But the morning of school pictures I guess he decided that he liked to get yelled at for cutting his own hair and did it again. Well, I wasn't about to wait until retakes so this is what he gets.
Here it is. Ben's Kindergarten Picture.


It's all Good- The Allen Fam said...

He is still a cutie...been there done that.

Shana said...

Hilarious. The funny thing about your story is, we intentionally buzzed Drews hair super short one summer and it was awful. We in fact called him Chemo for months after that.