Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

Every year we go to Lehi for Easter and my Dad does a BIG Easter Egg Hunt for the grandkids. But we couldn't make it this year so Paula and her family came down and brought Grandpa Shelton's Easter Egg Hunt with them. We had a big lunch in between conference sessions and then put a quilt on and tied it while we listened to the 2nd session. This is becoming a tradition with me and JoEllen. This year it was a cute Levi quilt. Then after Conference the Dad's took Grandpa's treats and went down the street to Cox park and got the hunt ready. The kids had a great time. Kyle was having such a great time that he did his Easter jig for us. By the end we were all so tired. The wind was perfect so Brad got his kites out and George went and got his and those who weren't flying were lying on the ground. It was a wonderful weekend.

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katie said...

so fun!!! glad you all had a good time:)