Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shayne's Teeth take 3

Oh Brother! Here we go for round 3! Shayne has to go in next week for another entire set of braces. Here is a picture of her teeth before braces:
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Here is a picture of the gorgeous teeth after braces but before whitening:
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Since then her jaw has grown a half an inch and has thrown off her bite completely. Her front teeth hit each other and the backs don't touch at all. It's mostly my fault because she and I have been watching so carefully that her teeth don't go crooked again that we didn't even notice her bite. Dr. Christian said that if she leaves it like it is then her 2 front teeth with wear down to nubs. Shayne really doesn't want braces but she doesn't want nubs even worse. So, next week, after Sr. Ball, she goes in for a full set of clear braces so hopefully they won't look so bad. Then she will have a ton of elastics to try to fix the problem. YIKES! Supposedly that kind of growth is hereditary. The another bad part is that Sophie was told yesterday at her appointment that she can get her braces off next month. Well, now they've moved it back another 6 month so they can make her bite be a big over bite to compensate for the growth that she will have. She doesn't know that yet. I'll have to break the bad news to her today after school. We'll keep you updated on how everything goes.

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kristalbeckstrand said...

Kind of makes me scared about what my kids teeth will do. I love the hair cut Shayne. I little bit of a bite problem and elastics aren't too bad.