Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zion Free Day!

This last week was free National Parks week. So, on Friday the 23rd, the day after Joel's 40th b-day, we excused the kids from school and went to Zion National Park for the day. For Joel's birthday we went to Sophie's play, HSM jr. with both sets of grandparents. Josh couldn't come because he had his play. So we decided to take the kids and sluff school for a family fun day. It was a nice day except for the wind was really cold. Here's a picture of us on the tram. David thought it was the best part of the trip.

This picture is at weeping rock with the Great White Throne in the background.
The waterfall was at the beginning of the Narrows and on that hike there is this huge rock that we've named sliding rock because you cane climb around the back of it and slide down it. The kids love it but it wears out the seat of there pants.

We had a lot of fun. You'd think we'd go all of the time since it's basically in our backyard but this was the first time in 4 years that we've been. I also ran into an old friend in the ladies bathroom at the Zion Visitor Center. Small beautiful world.


R Clan said...

You guys are so cute!!! Looks like fun. I want to come back and go again. It was so fun to run into you too. It caught me off guard and so unexpecting. Glad to see you had fun.

Ashley said...

I love Zion! I think we'll have to go there when we come up this summer.