Saturday, June 5, 2010

Father's & Son's

This year Joel and the boys were lucky enough to go to 2 Father's and Son's campouts. They went in May with Kyle and his boys to there's and in June they went to our ward's.

They love camping! Putting up the tent, playing in the water, smore's, you name it. Kyle's ward went up to Pine Valley and it was gorgeous as usual.

They played games, had races and loved being there with their cousins.

Our ward went to a little campground right before you get to Veyo. They bugs almost ate Joel alive. We 62 bites from head to toe. The boys only had a few because they bugs were pretty full after they had Joel.

This picture is of Daniel Cluff and the GIANT crawdad he caught. It was more like a small lobster.

It was fun for them to go with our ward. It is so nice to have a ward to call home. A ward our kids can grow up in and have friends that they can grow up with. We have been in so many different wards that have all been great but this one finally feels like home.

I'm so glad that the boys get to spend this time with Joel. Joel works a lot but we always make sure that the time they do spend together is amazing and makes great memories to keep forever.

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