Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm a little behind in my posts because my computer crashed. So, here is the first update.
School is out and everyone graduated. Tuacahn had there graduation first. Here is a picture of my and Heather Oram and Taylor Holbrook. 2 of my favorite people from THS. They were both in the Summer institute program last summer and are amazing!

Then my nephew Jacob graduated from the Success Academy at Dixie College which means he graduated with his associates degree a week before he even graduated High School. He is also amazing. Super smart and talented. Then a week later he graduated from Desert Hills High School.

Then Pine View High School graduated and here is the cake I made for a girl in our ward. Austin Ipson (see the Christmas cookies, Prom and Sr. Ball) graduated also.

Then Ben graduated from all day Kindergarten! It was awesome! Here he is with his teaecher Mrs. Burrell on the right and her helper Mrs. Salisbury. Shayne is friends with Mrs. Salisbury's son Blaine who is on a mission in Australia.

And lastley Josh graduated from 4th grade! Here he is with his teacher Mr Hogan and his student teacher Mr. Edie. They were awesome teachers.

Now let the summer fun begin!!

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