Friday, June 25, 2010

Sophie's 12th!!!

Woo Hoo! Sophie turned 12 and is officially in Young Women's. Even thought she's been coming for the last month because of girls camp stuff. She got her interview with the bishop on her birthday to graduate from Primary and to get her Temple recommends to go do Baptisms for the Dead with her friends and Shayne the next day. We have a tradition that every birthday starting with the 12th we go do baptisms. It has been super fun. And Shayne got to hand the tradition over to Sophie by taking her for her 1st time. I have always been a big believer in Temple work and I hate when people say that after you graduate High School then you prepare to go to the Temple to either go on a mission or get married. To me preparing to be worthy to enter the Temple starts at 8 years old or earlier. By 12 you should get your baptism recommend and always be able to go at any time. If you hold that recommend then you should always be worthy.

Sophie and Leighton Ipson (yes, Austin's little sister) share the same birthday. So we went to Pirate Island Pizza and had a fun party. The girls ate a HUGE pizza called the Kraken.

And then they played lots of games, had cake and ice cream and were all hopped up on sugar when we left. Sorry Mom's to return them like that but they had a ball. Sophie is lucky to have such wonderful friends. They all live in our stake except Megan and she just lives a mile away. They are such good girls. I hope that as they get older that they hold onto those friendships through High School. It'll make High School a lot easier.

Left to right - Nikki Turner, Victoria Robinson, Leighton Ipson, Sophie, Tylair Hudson, Megan Paddock and Brianna Esplin.

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katie said...

I cannot believe she is 12!!! What a beautiful girl. What a great party.