Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bowling with the YW & YM

On Wednesday we took the Young Women and Young Men bowling. It was so funny to watch the kids try to bowl. Before we left we had Gayla Ruesch, a lady from our ward who averages 192, teach them the basics of bowling so they didn't all get gutter balls. She told them where to aim and what to look at. But for some reason the kids all forgot when they got there. So a lot of people, especially the Beehives, put the bumpers on so they wouldn't gutter every time. Shayne ended up being the biggest loser with only 44 points. Needless to say she didn't use the bumpers and she was off her game. Only 3 kids broke 100 and they all had a great time. We had 14 girls show up and one new girl that isn't a member. I'm not sure how many boys we had but I do know that I invited Shawn Krunk, a non-member and Kaela's little brother, to come and he did. He got 2nd place over all. I told him that he needed to come every Wednesday to mutual with his sister. Hopefully he will. I love when we have fun activities so the kids can relax and enjoy each others company and also bring non-members to show them that we like to have fun. It's a great missionary tool. Next week we are having a picture scavenger hunt with the boys. It should be a lot of fun!

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katie said...

SO FUN!! We love bowling!! what a great activity!