Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wanna crash a dance?

Eric came home this weekend from college in Phoenix because he has Labor Day off and to celebrate his birthday coming up on the 9th! Yeah! We have had so much fun with him here. He and Shayne were planning to go out with a couple of friends tonight until they found out that it was Desert Hills High School's Homecoming Dance. So...they decided to go. Shayne's friend Courtney (our other daughter)came over for me to do her hair for the dance and Shayne and Eric just talked about how they would stay home and watch a video. But as soon as Courtney's date picked her up they hurried and changed so they could go. It was a masquerade dance which made it better because they could kind of hide. They are there right now so I'm sure that they will have stories to tell tomorrow. Eric is coming to church with us tomorrow! We have invited him a million times but this will be the first, of many we hope. He is a great big brother for this family.

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