Saturday, September 25, 2010

PVHS Homecoming

Shayne was asked to Homecoming by her friend Cameron Croft. He reminds us all so much of Daniel. His mannerisms, the way he looks and the funny things he says. I think Shayne likes being around him because she misses Daniel so much. Cameron is a super good kid.

The dress Shayne is wearing is one we borrowed from my sister-in-law Ashley. All 4 girls in Ashley's family have been in beauty pageants and now that they are all grown and gone her Mom is left with a big closet full of gowns. Lucky for us! We made a few moderation's in the dress. It use to hang straight down and we made little gathers in the right side by her hip and the left side by her knee to give it a shape. It looks great. And the back of the dress is GORGEOUS!!!

As for her hair, I was tired of it being pulled up super tight. So, we did this lovely loose number on it. I really liked it. It's just a loose pony tail but it looks a little fancier. I'm sure they'll have a great time tonight. They have been friends forever.


R Clan said...

Once again...GORGEOUS!

katie said...

I love her hair!! hope she had fun!