Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy 11th Josh!

Josh turned 11 today! He started celebrating on Friday when we got to spend the night up in Pine Valley at the Wells' cabin and he'll get to celebrate over this weekend because my family will be down for the marathon. We always get together Sunday for conference to eat and have cake and ice cream for Josh and Shayne, who's birthday is coming up. Josh got some fun things and his favorites are the WIPEOUT game he got for the Wii and a Riprider 360. George got one last Christmas and Josh rides it more than George does. It's a basic Big Wheel but it's on casters so it spins out really easily. Before school all three boys were playing Wipeout. It's so funny. If you've never seen the t.v. show...you should. Josh was also really excited about the Real Salt Lake soccer ball he got and the Real Salt Lake rally towel and foam finger he got from his Grandma and Grandpa Beckstrand that they got from the last game they went to. He thought it was really neat they they got those came from the actual stadium and not just a store. He loves soccer and especially Real Salt lake! We are going to a matinee of Despicable Me because we are in charge of the swimming part of the Special Olympics tonight at the Rec Center. We do it every year and the kids love it. So, it's a busy fun day today. Happy Birthday Joshie! We love you!

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