Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

A couple friends of mine have Thankful Thursday's on their blogs and I thought it was a great idea to steal. Sometimes we need to sit back and think of the things we're thankful for.

Today I am thankful for Doctor's. My brother Steve has had some seriously weird strokes behind his eyes that have cause blurred vision and severe headaches. The doctor's checked everything including his heart but have not found anything. I know that doesn't sound like something to be thankful for but I am thankful that they have ruled out so much and that they are watching him like a hawk. They think that it may be hereditary which would explain a lot about Jan and her eye problems and migraines. If they can find a cure then it may help her have a child.

I am also thankful for my Dad's doctor's. He had some biopsy's done on his prostate a couple weeks ago and they found cancer. They caught it really early and are positive about the results. My dad is really healthy right now and has some options to choose from. He has an appointment on the 28th to tell the doctor what he has decided. So, until then we will pray really hard and support him in his decision.

I am grateful for the technology the Lord has given us and for all of the new procedures and medications and cures that are in the hopefully near future.

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natalie ☮ said...

My sister has had similar seizure things, along with the blurry vision, etc. She has hemiplegic migraines, maybe the doctors could check and see if that's what your brother has.
Hope this helps!