Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy Halloween! This year I wasn't feeling to hot so we went with super simple. Joel and I taped smarties to our pants and went as a pair of smarty pants. Sophie was a bumble bee that we've had forever. Josh was a quarterback and for his Joel enlarged a quarter as big as his copy machine could go and we taped it to cardboard and slapped it on his back. Get it? Quarter Back. Ben was a ninja that we borrowed from JoEllen and David was a tiger that again we've had forever. Thank goodness!
JoEllen went all out and was Nanny McFee with a bird on her shoulder and a magic cane. Mason made her a snaggle tooth and Jan did the rest. Emily was a tiger and Mattie was the CUTEST panda bear ever! I made that costume 16 years ago for Shayne and every kid has worn it. Talk about getting your money's worth!
We went over to Jan and Andy's after trick or treating and the boys had fun dressing up Gus and Lily. It was another successful holiday.

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Dan and Katie said...

I love the quarter back and smarty pants idea!! You guys are creative!