Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Day!

Well, it was a quick trip up to Lehi on Tuesday night to try to beat the blizzard of 2010 that was supposed to happen and didn't. We had a lot of fun like we do every Thanksgiving. Wednesday afternoon My Dad, Andy, Brad Joel and I and JoEllen and Kyle went to see "Unstoppable" the movie about a runway train. Then that night I went up to SLC with Shannon Bursach to meet up with Corina Putvin and Lori Ferrer to eat dinner at Corina's new resturant, Santa Monica Pizza and Pasta. It was really good food and we had a blast catching up on old times. Thursday started off with the traditional 9am 1 1/2 hour Zubma/kickboxing class at the Lehi Rec Center that Paula, Joellen and I go to. This year Shayne and Katie came along with us while Joel and Charles ran 10 miles around the track. Shayne practically lead the Kickboxing class. She's not so good with the swinging of the hips like I am at Zumba but she is an excellent kickboxer. Then we came back and watched the end of the Macy's parade and got ready for LUNCH! A feast fit for a King. Wow! Everyone did a great job of cooking up a monster turkey and ham with all the fixin's. Later that night we do our other tradition, BOWLING! We always go to Jack & Jill Bowling Alley that our friends own and take the whole family. We have done this since I was a little girl. I remember doing it with my cousins just like my kids are now doing with there cousins. We of course all sucked but when you only go once a year you can't expect a strike every time. What's funny is that my Grandma Smith was an excellent bowler and had won a lot of trophies. I guess we got the Shelton gene.

Later Andy sang some of his new Christmas arrangements for us and made up a new "Maria" song called "Santa Claus." Ask him to sing it to you next time you see him. Well at 3o'clock Black Friday morning Joel and I got up to go get the 2 things we wanted to get. It was super fun! I never stand in huge lines when I can find an alternate route to anything especially a checkout stand. Sears was our 1st stop and we were standing in line that wrapped around by the employee door. Well after some friendly conversation with 2 employees getting in there last smoke break before the chaos, they let us in through there door instead of waiting to get in the main door. We found exactly what we needed and then went down to the basement floor to check on something else and there was a checkout counter with only 1 person in line. So, we checked out and went to the car. When we got in and ready to go we looked at the clock and it was 4:20. 20 minutes total! We drove across the street to the K-Mart to get our next thing and as we sat in our warm car watching the people standing in the freezing cold line we decided to go to the Shopko in Orem that was close to the other Kmart. At Shopko we sat in our car until they started letting the HUGE line in and then we went up and went through a door that no one was even going in. People tend to have blinders on when it comes to things so they just follow the person in front of them. I like to look around at my options. So, we went in and found the thing we needed there and went to check out. This time we went directly to the jewelry counter, checked out and left to go to K-Mart. At K-Mart we walked in and down the hall towards electronics and on the way we found the last thing we needed. But we continued to see if they had a thing that Kyle was looking for for George for Christmas that he hadn't been able to get yet. I asked a guy at the checkout and he said they were out but after a minute of looking I found the same thing just a little bit better and bigger. So I grabbed it and called Kyle. He was in the same store just a couple isles down. So, we found him and headed out. On the way we saw this GINORMOUS line that wrapped itself up and down and around isles. It was the check out line! You were supposed to get in that line and wait your turn, well, I don't like to do that so I went back to the layaway counter and asked the girl if we could check out there and she said yes. Kyle was amazed that we were getting out of there so fast. It was at least an hour long wait in that line. So, off to American Fork where we went to Big 5 just for fun and then went to Denny's for breakfast. It was awesome! We had everything we needed, ate breakfast and still got home before the kids woke up. Friday afternoon we took the kids to see Disney's new movie "Tangled". It was cute, what I saw of it. I was so tired since I had been up since 3am that I slept through most of it. Around 8 that night we drove back home. The weather was great. We all had an amazing time and are excited for Christmas and for all the fun it brings. Thanks, Mom and Dad for always letting us stay with you and for making us feel welcome. We love you!

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