Friday, February 24, 2012

Back to work after 15 years!

Well, a month ago Spencer told me to take my resume' into his office because they were hiring for a Medical Assistant that had a Phlebotomy background. Well, that was me - 15 years ago. Things have changed. After making a resume' - hahaha - I took it in and the lady at the desk said she'd fax it to the HR guy. The resume went to a place called Physicians Assistant Something or other. And I got a call from a guy named Brent Davis asking me if I was still looking for a job. I was kind of confused as to why this stranger was calling me but he told me that they do all the hiring for the Dr.'s office so the Dr.'s don't have to. So I met with him and he got me an interview with Dr. Court Empey that I had known 15 years ago when he was the neighbor kid named Courtney. Now all grown up and a Dr. So I met with him and thought things went well. The only problem was the filing system that they used was ALL computerized. They didn't have a single piece of paper in that office. I had no idea how to do that. Back in my day notes where written on paper and put into and actual file. Not any more. So that didn't quite work out but I wondered why any of this ever even happened because I wasn't thinking about going back to work until the start of next school year because David is only in Kindergarten and gets out at 12:30 everyday. But for some reason we felt really good about applying to work with Spencer and Court. We figured that if that is what I'm supposed to do then it would all work out. It didn't. So, a month passes and I get a call from Brent again wondering if I was still looking for work. Well, I wasn't really. I just thought that it would be fun to work with them and after it was over the thought never crossed my mind again to apply anywhere else. But I told him sure if he still needs me. In my mind I thought Spencer and Court still needed another person but it ends up that Brent hires for many Dr.'s and clinic. So, he had me go into an interview Wednesday at 9am to meet with Dr. LaRowe at the River View Medical Clinic. It was a great interview and he asked me if I could just stay and start working right that second. At first I thought he was kidding but he wasn't. I started the next day. I work from 8am to Noon. I leave there and go straight to the Elementary school to pick David up. It's amazing! I usually just workout or go play tennis with JoEllen before noon everyday so I don't feel like I'm missing anything. When I get home I still have time to do everything else. After the kids get out on May I will start full time. There are 2 other Dr.'s that work there and the people are great. 1st day on the job and I already had drawn 3 different people's blood. It was just like riding a bike. I didn't tell anyone that it had been 15 years since I last poked anyone. No need to. I'm a PRO! I rock! It's been fun to get back into the medical field and a small little office is right where I need to be. Not a lot of the people there are LDS so I feel this will be a really good experience for me. I will need to be on my best behavior all the time. I have already ran into a lot of people in the medical field that I knew from before. It feels like home. I am so comfortable there. I'm excited. Dr. LaRowe asked me today if I could go full time tomorrow so I know it's where I need to be and will work out for the best. My goal here is to get our family out of debt so Joel can be home more often and to save for missions and weddings. YIKES! Weddings? I guess you start to think about that when your daughter is 18. I'm old. Well, I love my new job and love that I can be home for David. Jan, Andy, JoEllen, Kyle and Joel and I are going out to dinner tomorrow to celebrate! I love my family!

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Gough Clan said...

WOW!!! That is so exciting. CONGRATS!!!