Thursday, February 9, 2012

State Swim Championships!

I love the Pine View High School kids! They always have been and always will be my favorite kids that come from the best school. They are humble and caring and are always respectful. I cannot say that about any other school. I have known some of these kids for more than 6 years and they never cease to amaze me and their love for the sport and each other. This season has come to an end and was finished with times broken and tears of happiness and sorrow. Happy that they all did so well and sadness thinking that it has come to an end. It was like a room full of bipolar teenagers and mom's too for that matter. We were laughing one minute and crying the next. I was lucky this year to have a deck pass. BYU only has room for the coaches and swimmers actually on the pool deck. Everyone else must sit up in the bleachers where you can only scream for you child and wave to them like a fool. This year Dani signed me up as an assistant coach so I could be down where I belonged, down with the teenagers where I could hug and high five them as often as they needed. I will never change a single moment of that weekend. It's like a dream now that I look back at it. I was so blessed to be a part of it. I felt so bad every time I looked up at Joel knowing what he was missing out on. Luckily he didn't realize and was having a great time with the wonderful parents doing cheers and sending "positivity" (it's a swim thing) to the kids.

When the swimmers line up by their blocks to swim the only people that should be there is that swimmer, the timers and the officials. But somehow I managed to sneak in and no one ever said anything to me. I got some great pictures that no one else got. I was able to walk on with Shayne, take pictures, and be the first to hug her as she got out. It was amazing. I am truly blessed. Here is the weekend in photos. I'll explain them as I go. I took over 300 pictures so be glad you only have to sit through these 20.
This is our tradition picture. I don't really remember how the Butt Shot started but it has become a tradition. Before any swimming starts we always start out at the mall with Lunch at Wingers and then they have about a half an hour to wander or shop.

We checked into the hotel and as soon as everyone left it was Joel and my job to hang Will You Go To Preference? signs in rooms. Shayne asked Cashe, Alex asked Mitchell and Megan asked Kyle Buck. It was pretty fun but hard to get them to stay up on the walls so we taped them to the pictures.

Then we got to the Swim Meet and they were warming up. All in good spirits and ready to Rule the Pool!

Another tradition is the boys A Relay team always buys some sort of underpants to wear as they walk up to the blocks to get ready to swim. This is what they wore this year. Classy!

Here is Shayne's 50 Free. She took 3rd overall and knocked off a half a second going from a 25.97 to a 25.46 and braking the Pine View High School Record!

This is one of my favorite pictures of the weekend. Buck giving Shayne a hug.

That was the end of day one.
Day two started out great. The boys had another relay race and Mitchell took first in both his 500 free and 200 free. This is them with Shayne. Being the boys that they are.

Then Shayne had her 200 Free. This is another favorite photo. Adam Caldwell (Dani's husband and an official) always managed to get next to her to give her words of encouragement. Do you see me? Hehehe. I'm so sneaky.

This is of Joel sending Positivity.

And this is of her on the podium for taking 3rd again knocking more than a second and half off of her 57.68 to 55.90!

The girls had there relay and did NOT come in last! Alex, Shayne, Taylor and Caitlyn.

Self portrait. Surprised it turned out. I had to get proof that I was there.

Our incredible coaches: Shawn King, Eric Arevalo, Dani Caldwell and Christian Armstrong. Inti Chabert was unable to make it to state because he was at National Guard. We love you all!

Last cheer of the Season. Shayne right in the middle of it all.

Last but not least...these 3 cute girls who will be friends and sisters forever.

A great note to end on is that we learned today that both of Shayne's times broke PVHS records! She now hold the records for the 50, 100, 200 and 500 Freestyle. And is within hundredths of a second in the 100 Fly and 200 IM which were the 2 races that she was supposed to have swam this year but couldn't due to meningitis.

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