Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bus Update

Well, so much so the calm. Joel was supposed to bring our kids plus Jan and the Tuacahn kids back to Tuacahn by 2am. The last time we texted he said he'd wake me up when he got home. When my biological clock went off at 4:45, like it does everyday, I was shocked to see that he wasn't asleep in bed beside me. I immediately texted him in hopes that he'd reply. He did. The bus had broken down in Beaver and they were waiting for the other bus driver (Roger) to bring the old yellow bus and come rescue them. They had been sitting on the side of the road for about an hour trying to figure out why the bus kept over heating. Joel would wait for the bus to cool down and then would start it up and get 5 miles before it would overheat again. Because it was the middle of the night and Tuacahn didn't have a flashlight on board Joel had a hard time seeing what was wrong with the bus. Kids with smart phones took turns in the freezing night air to come stand by Joel and shine their flashlight app on the engine to see what the problem was. It was a fan. It had stopped working and just when Joel thought he could limp off the side of the freeway the fan started throwing pieces of metal at him. They were stuck. That bus wasn't going anywhere without a tow truck carrying it. So a call to the police station was made and in minutes a highway patrol officer was there to help transport 3 kids at a time into town to a nearby Flying J that was open all night. Emily thought it was awesome! She got to sit in the front of the patrol car while Sophie and Jan sat in the "cage".

Joel had been talking to Roger since the bus overheated the first time so he knew they where having problems. By the time I talked to Joel, Roger was about a half an hour away from Beaver. By the time he got there and they unloaded the broken down, awesome, tour bus and reloaded the old, reliable, yellow bus it was close to 6am. They had boarded the bus in Provo at 10pm. They got back to Tuacahn around 8am! A 3 and a half hour bus trip took 10 hours! Joel had enough time to shower, shave, and eat something before his meetings. Then church started at 11 and he was home at 5pm. He ate and crashed. I had threatened the little boys lives if they made a peep while Joel was asleep.

Poor Jan through all of this. Left Provo on a high note and ended up having to rush home shower, change, and go do sharing time from 10 to noon. Then she crashed too. She now has pneumonia. She was sick before she left and hours upon hours in the freezing Beaver night air took hold. She is getting an antibiotic today that will hopefully kick this thing in the butt! I am eternally grateful that everyone is safe. That the bus didn't crash and that everyone had a good attitude about it. I don't even want to think of how bad it could have been.


Dan and Katie said...

Holy batman!! Well, he must be super human......he didn't even seem tired on Sunday!! You guys are sure great, we all appreciate you and your sacrifices for us!

natalie ☮ said...

That's insane, but I'm so glad everyone was safe! And Emily WOULD love that, haha. oxox