Monday, January 23, 2012


Region Swim was a blast! The team did an amazing job and Shayne got a best time in both her 50 free, where she got 1st place, and her 100 Backstroke, where she placed 3rd.

The rest of this post is a picture diary for Shayne to remember her swim family.
Here is our boys and Desert Hills boys relay teams who tied for 1st place and a picture of her BFF Kyson.

This is Coach Christian. We love him! And this was supposed to be a team picture but the rest of the girls went to be girly and change into real clothes and put on makeup while Shayne continued to be herself and join in the love.

Here is our dear friend and Head Coach Dani and Coach Shawn.

Here is our Favorite, Coach Inti. He is a current soldier and has been over to Afghanistan 3 different times. We love him and all he does for us and this country. The next picture is Shayne with all the coaches talking about her race.

This is Chase. He's another Big Brother like Eric. We love him too. He came just to support and cheer for Shayne. Just like family does. And the other is the team all lined up to hear the results of the Meet. Desert Hills boys and girls won over all. Our boys took 3rd and our girls didn't take last! So everyone was happy.

This is Shayne, Courtney and Tim leading the team, after the celebratory jump in the pool, in their team cheer. And one last picture of Shayne and Courtney together.

Here is Nick and Tim

And Shayne's little sister Alex. Even though Alex is only a Jr. this was her last year swimming because she is going to Europe for her Sr. year. We will miss her terribly but know that she will have an amazing experience over there.

I want to thank everyone who has ever helped us out with our efforts to help the swimmers of PINE VIEW HIGH SCHOOL. Your donation of your time and money has greatly affected the lives of these amazing kids and in return they have greatly affected my and my family's lives. We LOVE you all!

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Fawkes said...

Congrats to Shayne!! You are AMAZING!