Monday, January 23, 2012

Shayne's last Jr. Prom!!!

Oh man! Mitchell Hutchings. You are a ray of Sunshine on a dark day!
Mitchel is by far one of the cutest kids I know. Always smiling, making everyone laugh and the perfect date because there is no tension or even a quiet awkward moment, just fun. We've know Mitchel for a couple years now because he is an incredible swimmer. He asked Shayne to Prom but putting a sign in her room that said, "I'd be a dummy to not ask you to Jr. Prom." Then he dumped 3 huge bags of DumDum Suckers all over the room. He had written his name inside 2 of the sucker wrappers and Shayne had a hard time finding them because Josh hid them from her and made her squirm.

This is the hair Do we went with because #1 she had just gotten out of the shower from getting done with Region #2 It was fast and #3 it's fun. We call it the Messy Worm.

This is Mitchel trying to figure out a wrist corsage. FYI Shayne's dress was only $25 at DEB in the mall! It only had the right strap and was 6 inches to long so my mom and niece whacked it off and made another strap.

Since they both won 1st place at state in their races and since a blue ribbon matched the blue dress, vest and bow tie, they had to accessorize with their medals. They said that everyone at the Dance was super excited for them and thought it was awesome.

Then they went to Mitchels house for pictures. His Dad too about 300 pictures of all the kids.

These were the best ones of Shayne and Mitchel. If you scroll down fast it looks really funny.

The day was dark and rainy but luckily it rained during the swim meet in the day and didn't get the girls beautiful dresses wet that night.

They had a great time and had so much fun. Exactly what Prom should be!

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Ashley said...

Cute! I love her dress and her 'do!