Saturday, January 28, 2012

The quiet before the storm.

Today I sit alone in my office because Joel took Josh and Sophie up north with the Tuacahn kids and Jan to a competition. Well, the Tuacahn kids had a competition, my kids - and George and Emily - went up on the bus so Paula could pick them up so they could hang out with cousins for a couple days. Joel is the BUS DRIVER! He's the sexiest bus driver I've ever seen. This time he took the tour bus not the little yellow school bus. This Tour Bus is HUGE. Each seat has it's own TV and there's no need to stop for a potty break because there's one on the bus. Well, I guess Joel would have to stop if he needed a potty break but you get the idea. It seats 40 people and Jan only had 18 kids going so there was plenty of room for the 4 little kids to go with them. Joel gets to stay in the hotel in his own quiet little room and get some well needed sleep and peace. I haven't even texted him in fear of waking him up. The competition will get over around 10pm tonight and then Joel will drive them all back. A quick trip but fun for everyone.

Where are my other 3 kids you wonder? Well, Shayne had the Best Of EFY this morning and was up early and left early. She got home at 12:30 in time to change, eat and run to work. Ben and David are over to the Scott's house playing. It's their 2nd home. So here I sit with nothing to do. Everything is clean thanks to Shayne's date with BLAINE last night that I had to cook for. Hehehehe! (That's a future post.) And we have nothing on the schedule. I woke up, went to Jan's to let the dog's out and then came back home and went to bed. It's now 1:00 and when I look at my calendar that is usually filled with things I need to do for the upcoming week I see nothing. BLANK. Weird! Not a single basketball game, youth activity or class of any kind. UNTIL... Friday. Friday morning is the day. We leave at 8am to head up to BYU to chaperone our LAST state swim meet with Shayne. Yes I start to cry every time I think about it. So I try not to but this calm, nothing to do-ness (a new word) is leaving me with lots of time to sit and think and cry. Not good. I got on Pinterest today and that helped a little to take my mind off swimming and on Valentine's Day and the fun things I can do. It worked for awhile until someone posted a swimming picture. Danggit!

We love to Chaperone. I LOVE those kids. I love that they love each other and are one big happy family. Last year for state we gave them all pillows with pillow cases I made for them with their names, panther and State Swim 2011 ironed onto them. I stood at the door of the bus and made sure they had it before they got on so they could use it. Then during the 3 days I gave them each a pack of Uno cards with a note that said, "You're Numero UNO!" Get it? I think I'm so funny. I'm the only one that thinks that but those kids used those cards and had an Uno tournament while we were there! We also had lanyards made that had paw prints and said PINE VIEW STATE SWIM TEAM on them. The kids, in order to get into the pool have to show their credentials which are 2 little pieces of paper credit card sized. Perfect to fit in one of those badge holders that clips on the end of a ...LANYARD. It also kept them dry which was very important. The weekend was awesome and they swam their hearts out. We were so proud of them giving up all sugary goodness for the last couple of months so as the got on the bus to head back home we gave them a Pine View water bottle that was chucked full of chocolaty goodness. The problem was that the bus driver had the heat up so high on the bus that most of it melted. Note to self - No Chocolate.

This year we have made shirts that say, "I'm Sexy and I Know It!" on them. It's been a running joke with the Pine View team this year because at the first meet - Greg Fernley - Mitchel heard that song and started to strip. He had on 14 layers of clothes because it was freezing. It was so funny. Let me clarify that I do not condone stripping and for me to say that I watched a teenager strip is probably very inappropriate but I have seen these kids in Speedo's for the last 4 years and stripping is what they do before every race. Maybe not to "I'm Sexy and I Know It" but you have to know Mitchel. He is the young Jim Carrey when Jim was funny and in his Ace Ventura days. I love that kid.

We also got them little stuffed Black Panthers. They aren't good for anything but they will be a reminder of the good old days of swimming. We also got them little personal coolers that they can fill with Gatorade, granola bars, apples and whatever they will need during the meets. Getting the coolers has been a wild goose chase. Not for me but for my wonderful Dad. Let me explain... Last May I saw these little coolers at Walmart for $5.88 and thought that they'd be perfect for a swimming gift. Well, that was right before Shayne's meningitis scare and truth be told I had forgotten all about the little coolers until now. So I went to 2 different Walmart's and they only had them in blue or red. I needed BLACK. So I called the Walmart in American Fork just to see what they had knowing Joel was taking the bus this weekend and hoping I'd get lucky. Well guess what? They had 8 of them!!!! It's was a sign that I needed to do these. But I needed 13 total. I would settle for 12 and Shayne would have to miss out but I still needed more. So I called the Lindon Walmart. They had 1. Orem had 3! 12! YEAH!!! Now all I had to do is get my loving parents to use their gas and time and go round them all up and take them to Joel. My parents are the BEST I tell you. The BEST! When Joel gets home with them Shayne and I are going to paint a paw print on them and put each swimmers name on the paw print. Awwwe. It'll be fun. Plus I have nothing better to do this week. My calendar is empty. Too bad it won't keep my mind off of swimming.

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I am so glad that your week is empty because that means that you can babysit!