Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MLK Day in Zion

Every Martin Luther King Day weekend the Utah National Parks wave all fees and let you come for free. So every year we take advantage of it. Joel and Shayne had to work so it was just me and the younger 4. We went up to Weeping Rock first and the parking lot was full so we expected a lot of people there since it was a short easy hike. But, we were surprised to see that not a soul was there. They had all gone the opposite way on the longer hike. I was sad to see that Weeping Rock was only Crying Rock. It was the driest it's ever been.

This is a picture from the bridge and Ben in the stream underneath.

The rest of these were from our hike up to the Emerald Pools. If you've never been then you should. It is 3 different pools and and usually a waterfall into each one.

The day was overcast and cold but it wasn't windy so it was bearable. It made for dark pictures but it was a great hike. No one fought, screamed or even complained. It was a MIRACLE! I think we need to buy a year pass so we can go more often.

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jaleegirl said...

No one told ME it is free that weekend!!!