Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Eve Day

So on Dec. 31st at noon we got together with all the Wells Families and went for a hike to see some Petroglyphs. To get to them we had to pile in the back of Kyle's truck. We had 16 of us plus Olive in there and 6 in the cab. It was right on the Arizona border and was really fun to see. Can you see the goat?

There were a ton of fun rocks for the kids to play on. We joked about how it was a man made playground.

At one point someone asked how long they thought it would take to hike to the top and Mason said, "Let's find out." (These two pictures were taken right where I was standing and I wasn't even at the bottom. The highest point right in the middle is where they all climbed.)

So off he and Shana went and just like little sheep all the kids followed. We had to yell at some of the littler ones to come back. Mason made it first and then Shana, Maycee, Sophie, Drew, Ben and George.

It was pretty steep in some places. Ben was so surprised to see the whole valley from up on top. Maycee found some jaw bones while hiking. We all had a great time. The weather was perfect. Where else can you go hiking on New Year's Eve but good old St. George! Then we went home to shower and get ready to party it up later that night.

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