Tuesday, March 13, 2012

End of Basketball Season for Jaden

Jaden plays ball for Desert Hills High School. He is the only reason we would ever go to a DHHS game at DHHS and we went to everyone of the DHHS home games. They were so fun to go and cheer him on. Their team took Region and went to the playoffs that were luckily here at Dixie College. They first played and beat Dixie High for the Semifinals. Here are some pictures:
The first one is of where the Wells family sat to watch the game and the next one is from where we watched the game.

Jaden with a great jumpshot.


His never fail free-throws.

They won Dixie in an incredibly close game and then played Hurricane for the state title. We love Hurricane and actually know more kids on the Hurricane team than Desert Hills from when we lived there and our kids went to school with these boys. But we cheered for Desert Hills. Jaden played so well and his behavior on and off the court was impeccable, which to me means more than winning. He is such an incredibly wonderful kid. DHHS ended up barely losing to Hurricane and took 2nd in State. We will miss watching him play but he decided to try-out for the baseball team and made it so now I get to go watch him play my favorite sport! Here are some pictures of Jaden and Taylor Parker #21. We have known Taylor since he was 8 so about 10 years. He and Shayne are still great friends and set each other up on blind dates so they can double date. She hated that they had defended each other.

Jaden with another great shot.

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