Sunday, March 18, 2012

PV Preference

At state swim Shayne asked Cashe, Alex asked Mitchel and Meagan asked Kyle to go to Pine View's Preference Dance. Well actually Joel and I did the dirty work but it was cute. We put up banners in their hotel rooms with balloons. It was fun. Actually, now that I think of it, I made the banners, bought the balloons and Joel helped me hang them. So the girls did SQUAT! They owe me.

For Shayne and Cashe's day date they didn't get to go with the others to have fun. They had to go to Dixie College for a Computer Programing competition. Well, Shayne had to for her grade and she just got Cashe and Kyson to come help her out because there needed to be 3 on a team and believe it or not they like that kind of thing. So, they left at 8:30 and got done around 4. So this is the hair do we ended up with since we only had 10 minutes to do it in. She also is wearing the same dress she wore to Homecoming because #1 it's comfy and #2 she slacked off and didn't find a different one to wear. But the shoes were different because Cashe is barely an inch taller than her. And they were so cute!

Madi asked Zack and they all had a ball.

One of their friends took the pictures and I have no idea why she chose the side of a building and a city work truck for the backdrop. I would have settled for an old historic building or something like that. Oh, wait a sec. That's where they were standing. Too bad she didn't take them from the other direction. The kids look great though.

I do like this one. They are on top of a parking garage. Very Creative. You can click on it to see it closer. That's a great bunch of kids. I'm glad she has such high standards and amazing friends.

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