Sunday, March 18, 2012

Soccer, Hiking and Ben's Baptism!

Saturday March 10th we had a busy day. It went like this:
9am - Ben's soccer game

11am - Then we took everyone up to see the Petroglyphs. It was a lot of fun. Those who wanted to hike up did and the rest of us watched.

Grandma tried to get a tan. Apparently only on her face and the palms of her hands because everything else was covered.

My all time favorite picture!

Then we all piled back in the back of Kyle's truck to go back.

Here is Paula with her new BFF Olive.

1pm - David's soccer game

2pm - Sophie's soccer game. She was goalie for the 2nd half and didn't let a single ball get passed her

4:30 Josh and George left to go get their soccer team pictures taken and we left to go to the church. Their game was supposed to start at 5 but they had to miss it and their team had to forfeit because they didn't have enough players.
5pm - Baptism.
As luck would have it both Ben and Kali were being baptized the same day. Since Joel is the bishop of our ward and our chapel is the stake center, it was really easy to get permission for them to be baptized together. The only problem with the baptism was that my camera battery DIED! After all that and it dies before I could take the most important picture, one of the family together after the baptism. Oh well. At least I got these.

Eric gave a talk on Baptism. Shayne gave one on the Holy Ghost. Sophie lead the music and the Grandma's said the opening and closing prayers. Eric's talk was from the heart and about his recent baptism. It was wonderful. After everything was done my Dad took us all to Golden Coral. I think that was Ben's favorite part of the whole day.

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