Thursday, March 22, 2012

Peck Baseball!

Twice a year the Peck boys all come down to Southern Utah to play in a couple baseball tournaments. We love to go watch them. Here is Colton. He is a head and a half taller than all of his teammates.

Here is Jaxson, first pitching, catching and hitting.

And don't forget the cutest little sisters/cousins you'll ever see.

This is what I love to see - Jared out coaching. What a great dad.

And Addy. Cute, cute Addy. My girls were singing Camp songs and she thought it was so funny but kept telling them to sing another one.

Chase and Austin played too but I wasn't able to go see them. Shayne took the kids out to Austins Friday morning to watch, but I had to work. We'll get pictures of them next time. They all did such a great job. They're a bunch of talented sluggers. They got done around 7 and the weather that started out gorgeous and ended up cold and threatening to rain. But it waited until 9:30 when we were sitting at Jaden's high school game against Payson. The wind had stopped and the rain came straight down for a solid hour. Joel had about all he could take so we left at the bottom of the 5th. Jaden did a great job and we are excited to see how the rest of his season goes. The games will be much better in the sun.

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