Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tyler and Emily's birthday party!

Friday March 9th was Tyler's 8th Birthday and since they were down here for Ben's baptism and since Emily's birthday was a couple days later we decided to have a party! It was so much fun! They each had a cake. Emily's was a monkey and Tyler's was a Truffula tree -Dr. Seuss- and Paula had made a pinata! She's very crafty. She took Tyler to see Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" and made it to look like him.

Here is everyone up to Josh trying to break it open. Sophie and Abby were mad because they didn't get a turn.

Here they are checking out their stash. Then we played a game where you try to pop a balloon between you and your partner. Jake and Emily just couldn't get it. Ben and Tyler were determined to win. It was super funny.

Then Sophie broke out her Double Dutch ropes and we went at it. Turns out we all did pretty good.

This one is of Paula being tricky. She was twirling around in circles WHILE turning the ropes! Truly talented.

And here is what we call, "Fun With Hats!" Click on Jan and Andy's picture to see it up close. It's awesome!

After we got the kids all settled down all of the adults went out to eat! Woo Hoo! Fun party for the kids and fun dinner for the adults. Well, who are we trying to kid. Did you see those adults at that party.

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Ashley said...

Seriously, how can you not love this family!? I love that picture of your mom sun tanning on the rock! So awesome! Wish we were there!!