Sunday, April 15, 2012

Coloring Eggs

Well, I forgot to take actual pictures of us coloring eggs. But as we started to play our annual "King of the Cracked Eggs" - I just made that title up but I like it and I am going to use it - I remembered my camera so this is what you get. After we color Easter eggs everyone gets their favorite egg and you go against someone and hit one end of your egg against their egg. Whoever cracks looses. Then you turn your eggs over and hit the other ends and keep going.

Blaine and Brescia came over to color eggs with us.

Blaine I've mentioned before but feel I need to elaborate on. He is the son of Camille Salisbury who was Ben's Kindergarten teacher. He was also Shayne's swim coach when she was a freshman. Let's be completely honest for 1 second. I know neither of them will like that I published this but it's TRUE! They totally liked each other for about a month before he left on his mission to Australia but she was 15. Flirting like crazy went on. But nothing happened. So she wrote to him on his mission and he came home on January 18th. I'll stop there.

OK now onto Brescia - Brescia is a lifeguard at the Washington Community Center with Shayne. She is from a tiny little town near Heber Utah and is going to Dixie College. We have taken her in and made her our new daughter. She is 20 and has lived, what I think is a sheltered life. She had never eaten a burrito until last month and has never been to DISNEYLAND! So we are taking care of that. We are sending her and Shayne to Brad and Ashley's for Shayne's graduation so they can spend a few days in the Happiest Place on Earth. She is darling and I am trying not to taint her like I have my other kids. Her name is from a town in Italy because that's where her dad went on his mission. Same as Joel. Funny huh? Well Blaine and Brescia are now a permanent part of this family and everything we do. They helped us out with the Dogtown Half Marathon and were part of the water fight problem.

Shayne had to work so didn't get to color eggs but was home in time to crack some.

I think Brescia won over all. She had the world ugliest egg that had about 7 coats of coloring on it which is what made the shell so hard.

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