Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sr. Ball Sr. Year

              Shayne and Kyson Sullivan have been friends since 6th grade.

  They have seriously been there for each other through everything.  And they have always planned on going to Sr. Ball their Sr. year together.  So, here they are:  SOOO CUTE!

  But it almost didn't happen.  He was taking his sweet old time asking her and one night there was a knock on the door.  When we opened it there was just and a bagful of tennis ball with a note from Enrique asking to to Sr. Ball.  CRAP!  We love Enrique and he and Shayne hadn't been to a school dance together yet and technically she hadn't been asked to Sr. Ball yet.  So she texted Kyson and told him to hurry up and ask already because she felt bad and then had to go find Enrique after school the next day and tell him that she was already going with Kyson.  Well, Enrique is awesome and took it like a man and asked someone else.  A WEEK later Kyson finally asked her.  He and Shayne were notorious for writing notes everyday at school.  She has kept every letter they wrote.  Apparently he did too because he asked her with a trip down memory lane and on one of the old notes he wrote "Sr. Ball?"  She of course loved it and started to cry thinking of all they've been through and what they will go through with him soon off to college and then on a mission. The future coming to an end.  Sha answered him a couple weeks later on his birthday with a photo album full of pictures of the 2 of them and on the last page she wrote, "Kyson, I couldn't think of a better way to end our school years together than to go to Sr. Ball with you."  She cried again and he loved it.
          Yesterday he came and got her for their day date - slip n slide - and #1 actually knocked on the door instead of just walking in and #2 opened the car door for her.  I about cried.  It was so cute.  Then later that night after she was all dolled up he came back to get her and did the same thing.

While I was doing Shayne's hair Sophie asked them where they were going to eat.  Shayne said, "Olive Garden" and as coincidence would have it that is exactly where I was planning on taking Joel for his birthday dinner that night.  So I did the embarrassing Mom thing and went over and took pictures of the whole group while they were at the restaurant!  Hahaha!  It was classic.  They had 11 couples.  22 people!

  Luckily Enrique was in her group so they were still able to have fun together.  Shayne has always had great friends.  When she got home she said it was the best dance ever.  How could it be anything else.  Having the time of your life with the friends you love and your best friend as your date.

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