Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ben's 1st Pine Wood Derby

OK so, I'm the Mom and I don't understand what the big deal is with scouts and especially the Pine Wood Derby. The boys never really get to "make" it and then they get upset if and when they loose. Well, this being Ben's first I thought it'd be a little better than this:

He got his kit a month before the derby and Joel kept saying he would help him and never did and never did. I had 3 other men volunteer to help Ben with his car and that made me feel stupid. So right before we left to Lehi Joel took it to work and cut it out for him and packed it for Lehi to finish it and nothing happened. We got back Monday and race was on Tuesday. So Joel took it to work, I thought to put the wheels on and get it ready for Ben to paint and put decals on but when he came home it was painted bright red (Ben wanted it blue) and still had no wheels. It had 3 layers of paint on it that never dried! It sat under a fan for 18 hours and never dried! I was panicking 3 hours before race time to get it dry enough to put decals on it. So I got the incredible idea to put clear fingernail polish over the entire thing in hopes that it would at least dry the top coat enough to pick it up and race it. Well lucky me, that's just what happened. If you pushed hard you could leave a fingerprint in the paint. It was weird. Like a blister. The top was hard and dry but it was liquid underneath. I stuck the decals on and then Joel came home 10 minutes before "check in" time and hammered wheels on it. It was the saddest thing I've ever seen. Joel took him over to get it signed in and when I got there I asked him if Ben had given it a test run and Joel said he didn't want him too because it was only riding on 3 wheels and he hoped the other one didn't fall off but he didn't want to tell Ben that. Well I was mad and embarrassed. Right then and there I said a little prayer asking God not to punish Ben for the stupidity of his parents and to let him at least keep his wheels on. Well, thankfully God is loving and understanding and Ben was able to even win a couple races. He won an award for the "most striking" car since it had lighting decals on it and since every kid get some kind of award. He was so excited. I wanted to cry. He was happy and that was all that mattered. I hate scouts. I probably always will but I was glad that Ben was happy and not totally embarrassed by his parents.

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