Sunday, April 15, 2012

Elks Club Student of the Month

Shayne received a great certificate and luncheon invite for being the Pine View High School Student of the Month from the Elks Club. Very Nice. Shayne has been Student Athlete of the Month every year but has never been the overall student of the month so we were excited for her. The luncheon was for her and her parents and we were joined with the other students from all of the other high schools in the area including Kanab and Enterprise. We didn't know anyone there until Leah Heger and her mom walked in. Leah was a swimmer for Snow Canyon and always Shayne's competition. They had become great friends and were typical girls when they saw each other, jumping up and down squealing and hugging each other. It was cute. Two amazing girls that both deserved to be there. The Elks honored them all and gave them a gift bag full of goodies. We were hoping it would have a scholarship inside if it but no such luck. It was honor just to be there.

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Gough Clan said...

Love it. We know Leah very well. Both girls are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!