Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shayne's first and hopefully last accident.

 What more can the girl go through?  What more I can I go through with her?  I want to wrap her in bubble wrap and chauffeur her everywhere she needs to go.  She had just gotten done with Institute and was coming out of the parking lot when a car whipped around a truck turning into the parking lot above her and ran right into her.  He didn't even slow down.  Look at this picture.  Look at her door and then look at the door behind her.  1 second.  1 measly second difference and she would be gone.  As for now she is OK.  She is seeing the chiropractor to help realign everything on her left side that got thrown out of whack.  But she is alive once again from another near death experience. 

We are now down 1 car and are waiting to hear what the insurance is going to do.  We loved this car and are super sad to see it go.  It would have lasted another 5 years if we would have let it.  It was Jillyns first then Laurie's and JoEllen and Kyle used it too.  It served our family well.  Thank you little Accord.  You will be missed.

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JoEllen said...

First accidents are so scary, I guess all of them are for that matter. Also, that car was ours first, then Lauri and then Shayne. It was an awesome car!